Wacky Monday!

Murphy’s Law in not the description for me. I am sure that I am way far beyond his rules.

Today was remarkably unusual.  When I thought the air conditioner could not possibly have another part to wear out or cause trouble, the plug to the air handler literally falls out of the wall!  The “Money Pit”, as I often refer to it, NEVER ceases to amaze me.  I’ve handled many home remodels. This one is my mom’s second retirement home and my first in Texas. Ahhhhhhh, Texas! As it rolls across my keyboard I gag… slightly!! But, that is entirely another story for another day.

We get a new thermostat in the a.m.  We also get the same old “Crappy” performance. SO, we check the closet and low and behold, the Plug Is Black! It has been sparking and going on and off over the past two years or so. We’ve only been in this house for four.  This is my first experience with track (non-custom) homes and sub-standard construction in this town.  It has been a rude awakening!!

As I sweat it out during my Yankees game, the repairman for the home warranty has come to fix it as Honeywell is done with the thermostat and long gone.  After a trip to the Depot, it too is fixed.  It is now 5:30 p.m.  I am STILL in my pjs!  I have not even check my email. Good thing I’m on vacation for a while.

Then the call!  It seems the plans I eplotted and emailed for a job two weeks ago has the wrong title and is confusing the shop and clients. WAIT, that is automatic as the start of a job!  I check it as I shoot the breeze with my client and realize…, NO! He’s Right!! Not ME!!! I don’t make these kinds of “easy” mistakes!!!!

Oh yeah you do M! Get over yourself!  It’s Murphy’s Law to the hilt!! Actually, I think it should be renamed Meronique’s Law! Good, Bad or Ugly if it can happen, well you know the rest.  The day is over things can only get better! (Hey, that’s an 80s song) Sorry, focus M, FOCUS!!

Settled into my evening now and snacks, fruit, coffee, etc. are just not getting it. A little smoked salmon and brown rice with tomatoes are in order! (Insert smilie face!) A nice way to end this Wacky Monday!!!  Uhmmm, you guessed it. Not Quite Yet!  Anyone for Overdone Fish?! Sighhh

Thank God I only get these crazy a** days once in a Blue Moon! …what color was the moon today?!



About MeKiRoMoHamm369

Artist!!! Artist In love with the beauty of God's World, Music, Sports and Purple! A multi-cultural girl who loves to Travel and experience this world when I can get away. Oh, and I'm a Hopeless Romantic ♥ I believe in Love, Honesty and Loyalty, Wishing Everyone JOY!!!
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