Stalking Not Allowed!

It is all too familiar for me, the stalking “game”. For as Long as I can remember, I’ve kept at least two of mine in the back of my mind through the years. One I know is no longer a threat, for his family sent him out of the country to start over with family. They even went as far as to assure me that it was over and they would see to it. The other I have no idea what he was thinking or where he is today. This picture is one that he took of me without my knowledge.

They seem to think that it is okay whether delusional or plain mentally ill. Most make a very big mistake when it comes to someone stalking your very existence. That mistake is why I wanted to write this. I don’t want anyone to keep making this mistake!

The mistake is NOT being Proactive! In other words, nipping it in the rear. Idol threats to report, ignoring and hoping it will go away or not following up on what you can do to help keep the distance are all ways to Fail!  The sooner you get your message across, the better.  Involving the authorities is a must; even if only to get your position on record.  Two words: Restraining Order!! Keep ANY pieces of evidence that you can. Again, I reiterate for you to express your displeasure at his or her actions! Letting them know you are not “playing their game” will sometimes make them go away. Don’t allow them to take over YOUR LIFE!!!

My first experience with such horror was as a ten-year old little girl. I never knew this man was watching me and my cousins as we walked to and from the park and corner store.  I lived in a quiet suburb. Everyone knew everybody. It was upper middle class yet, the neighborhood was mixed in many ways. 

We were thick as thieves, my two female cousins and I. We had one fatal flaw. That was quickly remedied by our parents after that day. On our way home, the man grabbed me by my hand and I struggled to break free-falling to the ground. I yelled out to them which made him flee. They were at least half a block ahead of me. Groups! I can’t say enough about traveling in groups.  To this day, my girlfriends and I have a plan of never leaving anyone out on their own. The rest of my childhood we never came home without the other one. Always in close proximity!

There is nothing wrong with having fun! Just be Cautious! If in doubt, take an alternate route!

A little old lady also saw what happened that day and said that she and a few other neighbors were suspicious of him as he often watched us and other kids walking to and from the park. They helped to catch the guy that day. Being a little “nosy” paid off!

I ended up only having a few scratches that day.  The next ones were a little easier due to my early experience yet, just as alarming.  I knew what the warning signs were and ways to bring it to a halt. I was tracked to my home, tracked to my job, tracked ON THE JOB and cut all three down in their track. All handled with peaceful resolutions and involving the police only once.

I don’t have to live in fear and nor do You! 

I sincerely understand that not everyone is equally sure of or bold about their defensive nature.  It does take guts to stand up to bullying, stalking and harassment.  The best thing I can add to that is:

Get busy with finding the Guts!

They aren’t putting your needs at the forefront. Remember, this is Your Life. Take Charge!


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Artist!!! Artist In love with the beauty of God's World, Music, Sports and Purple! A multi-cultural girl who loves to Travel and experience this world when I can get away. Oh, and I'm a Hopeless Romantic ♥ I believe in Love, Honesty and Loyalty, Wishing Everyone JOY!!!
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One Response to Stalking Not Allowed!

  1. Had to refer a friend of a friend to this page today. She needed a little help with healthy versus “unhealthy” stalking! Being interested of a “Fan” (fanatical) of someone is one thing. Having constant unwanted and unwarranted behavior after you have expressed to someone that you are not interested and that they have gone over the line is considered in my book unacceptable or “UNHEALTHY”! I Love Fans! I don’t like those who can’t accept NO!! That is All!!!

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