This will probably NOT be what some may think it is so, with that:

Yes, when I have one of “those days” it is extremely Hard to keep my mind from floating.


What started off as a depressing and sluggish morning, suddenly became the “Me Show”!  I long to make it fun! Be it joking, singing or outright imagery of the most hilarious things, I can come up with very “interesting things to entertain myself. At times it is the sheer fun of a quick-witted, thought-provoking joke that does the trick. Other times, I like to create dance scenarios that I might “act out”, IF I were a good dancer! (Yep, this mixed race girl has limited moves!!  The best stress busting, mood lifting and kick “worries to the curb” maneuvers that I like to use are, a little slapstick comedy that may involve the family. Random jokes about family quirks, (my youngest nieces croquet “get-ups” at family games, my sister’s inability to control her sweets intake, even my stubborn resistance to do things THEIR way {Yes, I can be stubborn unless “Properly Motivated”}); usually results in Great Family Fun Time! 

I still find that making my own Fun is more tantalizing! The things I can come up with on a daily basis to fill my down-time. Heck, to even fill the boring time I have when redundant drawing is happening and the math part is so repetitious!

Music is that jumpstart medium…

I sing, record, practice, sing some more, envision and push the envelope in this department!  My sarcastic side steps in like a lion. Today’s inspiration, which also provoked random tweets, was Christina Aguilera. I like her style and we have the same range. Her latest cd was a very slow seller. It had such low feedback and concert ticket sales that dates had to be cancelled. Thanks to a tweeple I have a Serious “similarity” with, (quirky only, she’s a really, really, really Super Celeb Type!), I was turned onto (No Pun Intended) XTina’s latest.  BOY, could I have missed out on a “GEM”!  How could THIS type of music have trouble selling in our day and time?! There are all kinds of flavors of wrong I can have with this cd… and HAVE!

– give me a moment please, I need to bring it back down a notch…, Thank You –

When I write lyrics, I truly try to make one think. Total immersion is required to get the feel and intent of the words. You may not get it at first but, a little something may trickle in later. That is the beauty of Good Lyricism!  This XTina Bionic cd; well, it puts it right out there in the front. Not a verse is left to the imagination! The beats and rhythms make it all the more fun to dance, run or just shake your shoulders too.  While running today, I blatantly sinned. Yes! I admit it. I listened to “Woohoo”.  I Woohoo’d!!!  Hey, I ran faster AND further!! What can I say? It works for me! I won’t even discuss “Desnudate”! Let’s just say… it’s ultra enticing and… well…, I’m celibate… so; we’ll just leave it at that!

By the time I got to the end of the song entitled “Prima Donna”; a thorough mind, body and soul workout had been achieved.  Collective breathing then ensued! I have this wicked funny laugh. (I’m told…, I’ll record it and add a sound bite one day and you can be the judge.) I could just hear myself through the ear plugs by the end of this song. I still have the image in my head of the dancing I was doing as I headed back up the hill to my street. Yes, I’m laughing now! I even have an entourage in some of these daydreams. Like I said entertaining me! These songs and imagery is all that I am not but, can use to inspire. I could never think of such songs and would have serious trouble singing them to a large audience. I can However, use them as tools. Objects to please and tease the senses.  No, I’m not a saint. Yes, I am modest when it comes to things like femininity, mutual respect and Godliness. Some things we reserve for that special someone in our lives. I find that too many are willing to throw that away as a result of some of the music we hear in our society today. In addition, I think that God gives us little things to have fun with… (Like these songs), within reason so that WE can Entertain Ourselves!

Therefore, I Woohoo’d… without giving away my “Woohoo”! (Wink, Wink)

I had to hit the SKIP button when “S4B” came up! Sighhhhhhh  A touch TMI for my taste in music. I abbreviated it in my tweet this way but, here you are just in case you can’t figure it out. Wait, you should not be reading this if you can’t figure it out! Just my opinion. Alright, for those who can’t get a hand on the cd… Sex For Breakfast. SEE!

In closing, in the future I will have to be more careful. My dear mother and her friend walked in from the gym while I was doing my cool down stretches.  Did not hear as I was listening to the Ipod still. At least the song playing was “I AM” which is much Tamer.  I’m supposed to be on hiatus in the singing arena for a while as I transition my lifestyle down here in the south. A few people have “other” plans but, I am not having it. Foot down and firmly planted! I’m simply not ready to work with my music on that level again just yet! Lord, am I counting the days… 33 left!

This is a GOOD THING, as I fear the Texans are slowly driving me Whacky while working down here. Thank God I can work from anywhere in the world! Have not been home in some time!! California here I come!!!

(The song “You Lost Me” is the one that was referred to me to listen to on the CD. All the other torturous and beautiful stuff I found on my own thanks to the Naughty Me!)

About MeKiRoMoHamm369

Artist!!! Artist In love with the beauty of God's World, Music, Sports and Purple! A multi-cultural girl who loves to Travel and experience this world when I can get away. Oh, and I'm a Hopeless Romantic ♥ I believe in Love, Honesty and Loyalty, Wishing Everyone JOY!!!
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