Peace On Earth!

This day has begun with a good bit of forethought. How crazy the world is and still beautiful. How sad life can be but, wonderful the things we treasure in it. Things can make us Happy; but, not deliver Peace. I thought about and then started this post on October 5th, as there was much going on in my mind on that day. Was I happy with all that I have and have accomplished? Have I done all that I can do to achieve happiness and peace. How true iS my inner Joy?!

That feeling that everything will be alright no matter what life throws at us was aching in my mind and heart! I read my daily today and it made me think deeply about our (the world’s) differences. The imperfection, differences and livelihoods, they are all in a realm of their own. I Believe in “Live and Let Live” as long as it does not intentionally hurt others; I’ve said and meant that so many times in life. We have a hard time, some of us, letting go and letting “God” I’ve often heard said. We also feel “trapped” at times by our circumstances and how they relate to God and/or religion, family and even others. Personal Happiness, the kind of love, peace, joy and satisfaction that everyone craves can at times be difficult to achieve. This is especially true when the pressures of daily life weigh us down, the rejections bring us new self-doubt or what we know as “Good” is trashed, subjectively trounced, judged unfairly or even made “Ugly”!

Even though I believe in God and practice Christianity; I am also Realistic! The very same thought evoking clergy who leads me also reminded our congregation recently to do TWO THINGS.

Sin” and “Doubt“…

That’s right, sin and doubt and to DO BOTH!! Our unwillingness to bear with each others “Faults” and “Forgive” makes life harder to lead! No one is perfect; therefore we all SIN! Unless everything in life is etched in stone giving us solid evidence; we will DOUBT! It is good for the soul the two ministers said as each preached on one of those words on different weeks. Similar. Different. Worthy!

The chance that Christianity is not enough is there. My wonder of whether God is enough no matter if I am Jewish, Catholic or Christian is there. I love my God-fearing people as much as I do my atheist! One may be right or even a combination of the two could be the answer. Questions like whether God is a She or He or Spirit truly boggles my mind. I don’t care! I simply believe that there is something out there that hears my pleads, prayers, cries and laughs. This gives me Peace!  I celebrate more than one religious belief and surround myself with many people who represent those beliefs. My parents are Catholic, Methodist and Baptist. Best friends on my list range from Non-Believers to Born Again Christians. I visit and worship in various places depending on my location and the people I am spending time with. My stance on radicals is that they are ruining more and more chances that someone who can truly benefit from God is being turned offby the crass and selfish motives of their spewing! Spirituality, which is different from being religious, is an essential for life that all must possess and be shaped by. Organized religion is not always the way to achieve that connection!

The body’s spirit says tremendous things about us. It is the inner sign of who, what, where, when and why we ARE!!  Our Spirit is what makes us!! Below is an excerpt from my UMC Daily Devotional that I read at some point during the day. I try to do it First. At times, it is read late in the day or Last at night! The earlier, the better as I can reflect on life as the day goes along. On days I read before bed, it often brings me delight when I see an example of what I read displayed in my behavior even before I have that chance to read it. Other times, it give me insight as to what has impeded me or what I may need to work on in the future.

The last paragraph says it all! It reminded me of growing up and having to learn “The Golden Rules” in which religion was not a part; only a Good Natured Spirit!!!  You all remember those?! The ones that we used to get along well with others on the playground, in class and during organized sports or the arts. No matter what we believe or may not want to:  Community of One World Family is the only way to make Life Whole! You may not like someone or something when it comes to their spirit or actions yet, you show them due Respect!

“GOD loves the world. God is father of all people and treats us as sons and daughters who need to find the way of life, love, justice, peace, solidarity, reconciliation, and companionship. Therefore, all of humanity is one family — a community of brothers and sisters whether or not they are neighbors, the same nationality, or the same race. God’s family today is divided into two hemispheres and five continents; many social classes, both powerful and powerless; different races; and different religions.

The church is a community of people who have known and accepted the love of God and have been challenged to love God and neighbors by overcoming barriers that divide people. The church is a community called to work in partnership with God, announcing God’s will that we have life, peace, and companionship.

The gospel is the message of God’s love and power that invites people to draw close to one another and to work for reconciliation, peace, and justice. God’s love makes the human community one family.

Ronan Boechat de Amorim (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

A Prayer: God of love, thank you for the gospel that establishes a network of communion and solidarity, connecting those who are distant and bringing them close to one another. Amen.

Thought: What can I do to reconcile God’s family?

Prayer or Meditation: For peace on earth

Hope this post touched your heart in some way!

Insert U2 song here (One of my Faves by the way)

…”Jesus can you take the time
to throw a drowning man a line,
Peace on Earth!”…

And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him. – Colossians 3:17

Discover what moves your Spirit in a positive way…, TODAY!!!

-A Love Note From “M


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