I Miss My Yankees!!!!!!!

 Yankees! Like no other want or need in Life!! I crave Yankees Baseball!!!

All this WS coverage is making me “Queasy”… I miss all my Yankees Tweets!!! I’m “Lonely”!! The Yanks have made me feel “Needy”! Sighhh…

My quote for the day as the first game of the World Series for 2010 starts. Heartfelt Truth! What is it about my love affair with “everything pinstriped and blue”?! Is it the organization itself? Is it the talent they graciously employ? I don’t know what has a hold on me but, I sure wish I could get everyone to understand that Love and Joy!

Walking the New York City streets, the Ballpark in the Bronx; brings an aura that nowhere in the world can match!  The history is magnificent. The honor they implore is simply Outstanding. It’s definitely a “Blue” in the veins. One seems to have it or Not. Plenty of fans describe it as a “Religion” and others a “Following”.

My love of all things Yankee are difficult for some to take at times. Since my home is out west and I work and play in the south and the east; I meet Bronx Lovers and Bronx Haters. They do have one thing in common…

An appreciation for the Yankees overall in Fans, Ownership and  Dynasty! GO YANKEES


About MeKiRoMoHamm369

Artist!!! Artist In love with the beauty of God's World, Music, Sports and Purple! A multi-cultural girl who loves to Travel and experience this world when I can get away. Oh, and I'm a Hopeless Romantic ♥ I believe in Love, Honesty and Loyalty, Wishing Everyone JOY!!!
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