My First Pen & Ink Sketch

The Lovers, Two Lovers “worked” into One scene.

M's Expression of "Lovers"

“So much Obscurity! So much Implied!!” Those were my first thoughts when I saw the original drawing.

The passion of this piece of work is seen and not seen through the strokes of the lines and angles. So much is interpreted. Much is felt. I had only had a few weeks in my first semester of Freehand Drawing class when I chose this picture to “re-create”. I chose not to change much of it. it is almost the exact copy of the original yet, symbolic and oddly mine!

The moment is captured quite well and the linear strengths of the line work is as strong as the emotions I were feeling when I penned them. How? Why!? I want to think that it was the genuine Love that I was feeling at the time. I had finished, all but one year left on my Marine Corps enlistment. I was dating someone who made me happy at the time. (My fiance died two years before in a freak accident while we were deployed in Japan.) The first semesters of my latest college endeavor was well on the way.

The favorite element in the background is the bird in its cage. I love birds. I also love when they are happy and chirping. I’d like to believe that the original artist did also and had a happy bird placement in mind. This symbology would later be used in an extremely passionate love scene between Billy Bog Thornton and Halle Berry in the movie “Monster’s Ball“. The fluttering of feathers visually and the sound it made created quite a unique perspective on the heighten action in the scene.

My favorite “induced” faction is the implied intertwined legs of the two and the dangling of their feet. The strong form of his arm and her body lying in his brings such comfort. The feelings they must have shared are so prevalent.

My memories of my long-lost love Alan more than fueled my passion for this drawing and I think it made it all the more striking. It was drawn in the first month of my first semester of freehand drawing. I had never taken a formal freehand drawing class before. High school drafting was my only drawing experience.

The “Worked” effect of her gazing into his embrace says it all. They are truly in Love! Embodied in Trust, Reverence, Tolerance, Bewilderment and Grace. All of these attributes in the only way True Lovers should share one another. That, of course, is only in my honest opinion. I was indeed in touch with my feelings of an Eros kind of Love when I created this one. I hope it gives you that feeling too. A feeling of ONE!

Even though I chose pen & ink OVER my pencil sketch originally; I added at a later date the pastel hue of color with a digital camera a few years ago. This is the finished product in the photo.


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Artist!!! Artist In love with the beauty of God's World, Music, Sports and Purple! A multi-cultural girl who loves to Travel and experience this world when I can get away. Oh, and I'm a Hopeless Romantic ♥ I believe in Love, Honesty and Loyalty, Wishing Everyone JOY!!!
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