About Me

I am an Artist:

Best described as a Christian, Conservative, Pragmatic, Obnoxious, Republican, Comical, Honest and Multi-Cultural Woman.  I enjoy the arts, music, beaches and other travels.  I currently work in commercial design and freelance in singing on my own time. My legal full name is Meronique Kirsten “RoMona” Hammler. Romona is my mother’s given greek name also and family calls me Mona or Meron. (the “n” is silent) My dad calls me Rachael my catholic and birth middle name that I have since dropped. (As you can see, it was getting a little looooooong) 🙂  Most important, I prefer to be called simply “M” by those close to me. (Social friends are allowed also!) Might I add that I am Crazy about the color Purple!!!

I’m always looking for new input on my direction with my topics so, feel free to comment on my post.

My life has been profoundly shaped by my background. I grew up in the south but, my parents kept me on the knowledge trail which took me all around the country and Canada to Mexico!  I was hooked at an early age on the love of other cultures!  My Favorite foods: Italian, Sushi and Desserts. (Not necessarily in that order!)  My Favorite Places in the world: The Mediterranean, California, New York, etc. (Especially a place with a beach!!) My Best Trips have been: to Canada, the MidWest and The Orient.

Childhood was amazing for me! I had any and everything that I could ask for and more!! Spoiled, Yes! Grounded, even More!! I dabbled in everything from cheerleading, choir, glee club, band, ROTC, volleyball, tennis, talent shows, beauty & brain pageants and charity work. Woo, that was a mouthful!!! My parents worked in business and education. Even after divorce, they along with my new stepmom are the best tri-parenting a girl could have! My siblings, two brothers and a sister, are all Unique!! We believe in education, vacation and LOVE!!! (Again, not necessarily in that order!) My family is very diverse and multicultural! We are black, white, asian and european. My heritage alone encompasses American Indian, French and German which usually leads to conversations of “so, exactly what are you?!” Which I love and laugh at! My favorite is “are you persian?” – I Wish! The essence of olive skin tone, wavy dark & reddish hair with duo-toned eyes makes for great conversation.  (Just an odd fact. My maternal grandmother died in her late eighties with no wrinkles…which always makes heads turn!)

After all the superficial stuff, in which we know EVERYONE will age, the brains are important in our bloodline. Some have “study” faculties, some the “commons” too. Most of us have both.  The eldest is my Brother Ty who is in law enforcement. Even though I am the youngest, we have a close bond. My sister, the second born, recently obtained her Ph.D. in education. Third, you find my brother Ron Jr. who is like me when it comes to sports, music and work. We are both game crazy, sounds loving and drafting dabbling fools! Sometimes, it scares me!

I was also raised around professional sports and a SERIOUS sports fanatics! This is the reason this girly girl can let her hair down so well!! (Wink and a Big Smile) That aspect of my life will have to be a blog post later! I Love My Phins, Steelers, Yankees, Spurs and Pens! Yes, I am all over the map!! (I think you already get the “order” part) Had my knees not been so weak and the evolution of sports medicine been during my time; I might have been a beach volleyball vixen! Oh well, Gabby Reece has that one!! I am settling for the person that sports has let me become which includes my Yoga & Belly Dance. (I still jog and weight train to keep healthy.)

I am a former U.S. Marine and a Pastry Chef. Served four plus years active and one inactive. Loved being deployed and wish I could go back to Japan one day! I participated in the beginning of the first Gulf War. I also lost many friends and a serious Love! I am a college graduate that studied business and design. My thoughts for the future may involve going back to obtain teaching credentials. My company MKH Designs is my muse and I have worked on it since college. I handle small and large-scale commercial work and working drawings for furniture design. I am also currently a partner in the commercial design team of The Planning Source which has a portfolio of work from Louisiana to Florida.  I am single, miss my little Westie Heather Gabrielle and am still open to one day finding that special love of my life and if we so choose and can; have or adopt a child or two. If I have but only one regret, it is that I did not settle down years ago when I had the chance. I still believe though, that God has someone special in mind.

My Favorites for the future are to:

Taste Escargot = Check!!!

Travel to Hawaii & Greece = Working on it!!!

Perform my feel good music for people = Always Happening!!!

I hope this gives a little insight as to who I am and what I want out of Life!

Wishing JOY, “Meron”


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