Travel Therapy

This week I plan to FINALLY scan the photos of my travels during last year’s sports seasons and winery visits. Trips to the New Orleans Saints in the Superdome, New York Yankees at the “New” Yankee Stadium and the Texas Hill Country Winery Trail. Along the way I also visited the usual tourist type venues to make it even more alluring. I’ve been to all of these areas before but, made sure to include new spots I had not seen.  

Today I had wonderful memories of the First Trip I’d ever taken without my parents. A trip to the land of Canada! That trip is what started it all for me when it relates to the “Travel Thing”! I knew after I traveled through Washington D.C., New York City, Buffalo, Toronto, Windsor, Detroit, Chicago and St. Louis that I was born to see people, places, cultures and LIFE outside of the Southern United States.

My memories of being on the South China Sea are ever-present in my mind and heart. I can smell the water. I can see the vivid hues of the fish in the sea. The peace of being within the wall of a Buddhist Temple still overwhelms me! Camping on the beaches with friends or fine dining on Japanese cuisine kept me in awe and humbled.  The still and quiet scene of standing on the edge of “Suicide Cliffs” gave me a sense of being back in time with World War II. I wondered for almost hours at what it must have been like for them, their families also, to make that choice. Taking the leap of “Honor”! Doing what they believe in! The Faith!! The Honor!! What might I have done if I were born into that culture, I asked myself! Would I have obeyed?

Travel into some of the remote areas were surreal! No language needed in some cases. A touch of a hand to my face told me that this particular area we were in, was one that had never seen such a tan before. I could only smile and hug!

I go to large cities to take in the people and their lifestyles. How do they cope with life? What do they do day-to-day in their lifestyles. How do they combat stress?!  The opposite side of the spectrum finds me wondering if they sometimes think they may go mad (stir-crazy) with all the peace, seclusion and simple things in life. To this day, I still dream of living on a secluded island. Why?! I may Never Know!

Travel for me is therapy!  I don’t think I can put it any simpler than that!! Trouble?! Take a Trip!!!

Sometimes the trip is through my mind and back over the memories with the experiences. At least once a year I take an actual trip to my place of birth, my home of heart and/or somewhere NEW!

This past year I decided to head to my home of birth and corporate office (New Orleans) to see the rebuilding in person, as I only get to see it through drawings and words.  I also took a trip to the city that never sleeps (New York) as I was “Restless as Hell”! An old musician friend took me around for a few days (as I could not do NYC on my own) and I had a chance to see a few more sites I had not seen since a teenager.

Both of these included trips to see games as I can’t help but support and live with SPORTS! (Big cheeky smile!) I saw the Jets vs. Saints and the Angels vs. Yankees respectively! My third trip was to my “Heart of Homes” (California)!!!  I had to turn down my tickets to music and sports over the two months. No BEPs & U2 concert and also gave up Kings hockey tickets on my birthday! (Big Sighhh) Yet, seeing family, friends and spending my birthday with some of the Best of them made it worthwhile! I plan to see U2 eventually (I will NEVER give up that Dream!)

Still on a mission to see the Penguins (Pittsburgh)……. and what the heck, maybe another Yankees game! 

This year, due to friends and their health issues, we missed Hawaii! (Sad Face) I do plan to take at least one trip for myself to keep “me” on track with Life! After all, AGAIN, Travel is my Therapy!! Namaste!!!


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